Top 3 Ways to Find Business Success in 2018

Posted by Marketing Team on Jan 11, 2018 9:00:44 AM

Finding business success in 2018.

It’s no secret marketing is one of the most important aspects in growing a small business, but it is also one of the hardest. Knowing how to reach your audience and using the right tools can be daunting, especially in our fast-paced digital world. Thankfully, there are solutions and tangible changes you can start making now to gain the competitive edge for your business in 2018. Check out three ways, according to current research from infusionsoft:

  • Track and Analyze Marketing Efforts. Are you using your marketing tools effectively? If you are one of the many small business owners that do not know if your marketing is working, you could be spending money and time on strategies that don’t work for your business. The good news is, there are many free and easy resources you can use to make sure your marketing is effective. According to Sujan Patel “...the businesses that use the tools at their disposal to track their leads and customers will make the biggest strides over their competitors.” One of the most effective tools is google analytics, which allows you to determine the location of your website traffic, see which campaigns drive the most traffic, check top keyword searches, discover highest clicked areas, and find out how long each of your customers are spending on each page of your website.  
  • Focus on Facebook. Social media marketing is one of the hardest areas to know where and when to spend money, but Facebook seems to be pulling ahead when it comes to small business marketing. Facebook expert, Mari Smith, sees large potential for small business growth on Facebook in 2018. “There are over 40 million active small business pages on Facebook and the company is more committed than ever to helping these small businesses grow and succeed,” says Smith. Here are some tangible examples of how you can start increasing your Facebook engagement in 2018. First, invest in a community manager that is dedicated to social content and trained to accurately and quickly respond to your customers. Next, establish the frequency of posts per day that will reach your audience, while also not over doing it.  Finally, start using a tool, such as SocialBakers, that provides industry benchmark statistics.
  • Create a Marketing Process. Marketing is not just about adding headcount or spending money you don't have. It’s about creating a process that works for your business and using the tools and resources you have effectively. With no process in place, adding new technology or investing more money, will not result in success. Here are three ways you can start implementing effective processes in your business today! First, identify your company goals and overall marketing strategy. Second, create weekly and monthly tactics to execute your goals and strategy. Finally, invest in an organizational tool to keep your projects and deadlines on track, such as Asana.

Marketing is a key component to small business success. Overall, tracking and analyzing marketing efforts, putting your social media focus on Facebook, and creating a marketing process that fits your business can help you grow and expand your marketing in 2018. Hopefully, this information will help guide your marketing efforts and you will be able to see tangible results. 

In the words of our CEO, Onward and Upward. 


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