Gen Z: Are you ready for them?

Posted by Marketing Team on Jan 25, 2018 9:56:14 AM

Is your business ready for the next generation of consumers? There is a lot of talk about millennials, but how often do you hear about Generation Z? Born after 1995, these are the next set of consumers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. This generation already accounts for $200 billion in buying power, meaning it is time to start learning about them and determine how they will affect your business.


Here are a few characteristics of Gen Z, that you might want to consider when you are creating your marketing strategy.


They are passionate about social change. More than any other generation, Gen Z is determined to make a social different in their lives and career choices. According to Sparks & Honey, “social entrepreneurship is one of the most popular career choices.” This also means they care about the social difference companies are making, which can have an impact on their purchasing choices. Here are a few questions to think about if you are trying to add social awareness to your business. Are the products you use eco friendly or are you able to upgrade to more sustainable products? Do you give back or volunteer in your community? How do you show your customers the impact you are making?


They rely on social media and email as their main source of information. Being a generation that grew up with the internet and social media, it’s no surprise they trust and rely on it as a source of information. More importantly, Bluecore found 67% of Gen Z uses their smartphone as a primary device to check email. This number continues to increase with each generation, so making sure your email, website and all business communication is mobile optimized is important! Does the idea of this overwhelm you? A good and easy place to start, is making sure you have a simplified mobile version of your website. You can do this with your in house web developer or contract the work out for a minimal fee.


They prefer frequent, but short messaging. Since most of the content Gen Z’ers are digesting is on their phones, they expect for it to be easy and quick to read. That means, marketing teams need to shift their focus and start creating easily shareable, short and engaging content. How do you do that? Here are a few tips. First, focus on using imagery as much as possible by creating content that uses emojis, symbols and videos. Next, provide ways to easily share the content on social media. Finally, make sure it adds value. There is so much content constantly being consumed, make sure yours has a purpose and forces them to not click away!


The ability to adapt to changing trends can make or break a business. Although Gen Z, may not be your target audience now, they have incredible buying power and will continue to grow into a powerful consumer. Making the small changes to your companies social responsibility, website, and content will help to keep your company relevant with generations to come.


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